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A cutting-edge digital solution that empowers real estate investors with Secure, Accessible and Affordable investment opportunities globally.

About us

Reblox facilitates the seamless digitization of real estate assets, allowing for fractional ownership. Investors gain access to a transparent and secure ecosystem, enabling diversified participation in the real estate market. The platform enhances liquidity, promotes global accessibility, and ensures regulatory compliance, providing a cutting-edge solution for modern real estate investment

Our Mission

To democratize global real estate access and empower individuals to control their financial future.

Our Vision

To be the world’s premier leader, offering unparalleled security, accessibility and affordability in fractional investment solutions for real estate assets across the globe.

Our Values

Together we strive to deliver a reliable product and services, foster a resilient team, and cultivate a relatable experience for our customers.

Introducing Reblox

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Features and Benefits

Fractional ownership

Split large property investments into smaller, more affordable tokens, opening up real estate investment opportunities to a wider audience and promoting wealth democratization.

Liquidity boost

Selling property tokens can be faster than selling the whole thing, making it easier to get money when needed.


Streamlined property transactions minimize paperwork, offering swift and hassle-free processes, reducing wait times, and cutting intermediary costs.

Security and Transparency

Invest with confidence knowing that Blockchain keeps a clear record of each property's history, making it easy to trust. Real estate deals are safer and more honest, with less risk of cheating.


Now, anyone worldwide has the opportunity to invest in premium properties they couldn't afford before, making the real estate market truly global.

Decentralized Governance

You have a say in how 'your' real estate assets are managed and governed

Real Estate Tokenization Success Stories

The St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado

In 2008, Elevated Returns, a New York asset management firm, completed its inaugural real estate tokenization deal. The St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado, received an $18 million offer on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

The 12-unit building at 436 & 442E 13th St in the East Village, Manhattan

The first major asset in Manhattan to be tokenized on Ethereum, appraised at over $30M. With condominium prices soaring and a lengthy purchase process, cryptocurrencies offer a streamlined alternative.

Investors can choose between analog or digital interests in the securities, ensuring flexibility for buyers. Profits from token trading and regular rental income from high demand in NYC bolster investor returns.

Swiss City of Baar

A real estate deal in the Swiss city of Baar, featuring 18 flats at Grabenstrasse 3 and a restaurant named "Hello World," was tokenized for approximately $3.2 million USD. The total token value of 3 million CHF, roughly $3.2 million USD, equates to 20% of the property's total value. Four investors acquired all tokens in a club sale through four separate transactions on the Ethereum network. This transaction functioned as a Security Token Offering, representing property ownership under Swiss law, despite not being linked to a company.

The AnnA Villa in Paris

The AnnA Villa in Paris made history as the first European property sold entirely through blockchain. Valued at €6.5 million, the luxury building in Boulogne-Billancourt was purchased by French real estate firms, Sapeb Immobilier and Valorcim.

The process involved transferring ownership to a joint-stock company (SAPEB AnnA) and dividing it into 100 tokens, each subdivided into 100,000 units and traded for €6.50 each. This Ethereum-powered tokenized sale is part of global efforts to integrate real estate transactions with blockchain technology.

We are Looking Ahead for You

Potential Risk and Mitigation Strategies

In 2018, Elevated Returns, a New York asset management firm, completed its inaugural real estate tokenization deal. The St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado, received an $18 million offer on the Ethereum blockchain platform.
We provide real time market data, communicating clear exit strategies, and stablecoin or asset-backed tokenization options to our investors. Maintain transparent communication with investors, providing regular updates and clear information on token performance.

Investors are encouraged to regularly monitor market trends and adapting strategies accordingly, diversify asset types, and implement liquidity measures such as token buybacks or reserve funds,
We employ rigorous code audits by experienced professionals, use well-established and audited smart contract frameworks, implement multi-signature authentication for critical transactions, maintain open-source transparency for community scrutiny, and establish emergency response plans in case of detected vulnerabilities. Additionally, we provide insurance coverage for potential losses due to smart contract vulnerabilities.
We implement robust cybersecurity measures such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, regular security audits, and penetration testing. Utilize secure storage solutions for digital assets, such as cold wallets or hardware security modules. Additionally, we ensure comprehensive employee training on cybersecurity best practices and establish incident response protocols to swiftly address and mitigate any breaches.
We foster liquidity through secondary trading platforms and Liquidity pools. We continue to incentivize adoption through education and awareness campaigns.

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